To the public:


    I have one hope: I hope everyone has the ability to change their own destiny. I have a dream: "I dream of building a wealth-sharing platform, especially to help low-income people, so that they can get rich.


    The accumulation of a persons wealth is too easy and simple for me, and it has been accomplished when I was a teenager. In ancient times, "It is better to have happiness alone than everyone is happy", but in modern times, "It is better to be rich alone than to be rich by all."


    In line with this original intention, in 2017 I once again started a brand-new entrepreneurship-"Lianhe Empowerment". How difficult it is to start a business, I know very well: sell assets without softness; invest in them without fear; be questioned and do not shrink; all kinds of blows, no fall. No amount of difficulties can shake my abandonment of my original intention, "How can I fail if my life is unsuccessful".


    For me, this is no longer a career, but an unshirkable responsibility and mission. I am willing to use my life to realize my hopes and dreams, and to use my entire life to forge ahead for this mission. I always believe that more and more people believe; more and more people believe in support; more and more people follow. We are bound to help those who have difficulties in finding jobs or starting a business, and make them all get rich in another way.


    After five years of hard work, we persisted and finally ushered in the dawn-Sou Technology will complete its listing in the United States in 2021. In the past five years, we have created the Sou Labao consumer entrepreneurship platform-a platform for the public to build and share, a platform that truly belongs to everyone and belongs to the world.


    The survival and development of Solebao benefit the social environment; the fast-growing platform benefits the support of all walks of life. Search Technology Association has been practicing "Great Love and Responsibility" sincerely, thanking the society and giving feedback to the society. Always adhering to the core corporate philosophy of "patriotism, innovation, responsibility, and sharing", adhere to the original aspiration.


    Therefore, I personally make a public and solemn promise, "After Soole Technology goes public, regardless of market value, Tang Huas personal equity will remain unchanged for life, and I will  claim that all equity will be dedicated to the Group’s Poverty Alleviation Foundation to continue to contribute to the destiny of mankind. Community Career".


No regrets and no regrets, it is bound to succeed. The future will be proved by time.


    Hereby declare.


Soole Technology Tang Hua

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